Update 1.5

I’m releasing 1.5 and just now realizing I dont have a news page. All the other updates were back-end only, nothing you were able to see happening, but on the other hand, there was noone to see any of it anyways. Up to now, I’ve only told a handful of people about this. I had to make sure I was proud of its stability, resource usage, and its extensibility first. Well I am.

Version 1.5 is where the world finds out that it exists. Next update will have less back-end, and more that you will notice. I’ve been renovating all five galleries for a couple months now. I’m knocking out walls, cutting up floors, and retexturing everything. There will be more visual polish in the next update, and a few minor bugs fixed(like the clipping at the entrance of the spiral, and whatever happens on Android VR when you change galleries that I just found while bug testing. Let me know if you have the same problem.)

Version 1.5 also had the web build removed(the artwork understandably doesn’t have the quality that I want) and PC VR has been removed. I added it in hoping it would get tested by now, but it hasn’t. I will put it back in when I am able to test it myself.

I have big plans, but I need your art so it’s not “a bunch of new nothingness”, and visitors need something to look at. It’s free with no ads or iAP. They dont have a good reason to ignore it. I’ll tell them about it after I’ve given you artists a heads up.

So enjoy the museum, submit your artwork to be put in a frame, and tell your friends. Thank you.

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