Fine Print

Fine print:

Submissions are open to anyone, of any age.

All exhibited images will be “family friendly”.
Images can be digital art, or digital photographs of paintings, sculptures, etc. Signatures and “artist’s tags” will be encouraged, but no art with visable full image watermarks will be displayed.

Submission of art work does not transfer any ownership of the work. Inclusion of your art does not include ownership of the museum. Submission is only permission to display your work inside the museum along with the title, artists name(or pseudonym), url, and a blurb explaining the work to visitors(all supplied by the artist when submitted). Your art may be visible inside screenshots and promotional material for the museum, or featured in a post or mailing list about the museum’s exhibits, but the museum will never claim or hint creation or ownership of your work.

Artwork Size
Submissions of any size are encouraged, but art will be uniformly scaled to a specific resolution for display(currently 792px by 612px, or 11in by 8.5in, The same aspect ratio as a sheet of standard american copy paper). Higher resolutions are encouraged, and art will be rescaled by the museum(from the original) if this resolution were to increase.

Poetry is currently being accepted, and can be submitted as an image or text. Images will be displayed as submitted, text will be formated artistically, as it’s converted into an image for a frame.

Decision for inclusion by the curator(s) is final. Upgraded frames do not increase possibility for a preferable decision, but artwork with an upgraded frame that will not be displayed, will be refunded in full.
The museum is still in its infancy. Stricter selection guidelines will be set up and made public as it matures.

Submissions are ongoing, the only soft deadline is “in time for the next update”

There are not be any fees or subscriptions for a permanent exhibition in the museum. Upgrading to a frame that will make your art stand out is optional. The museum does not have any notable expenses, and the curator just wants to experiment with more interesting and impossible architecture while displaying your art.

The museum will not be handling any sales. A url will be displayed with your art to lead visitors to your gallery/marketplace for sales. The museum will not sell your work, or rights to your work.

There will be no insurance on any art needed. The museum will hold and display only a copy of your work.

Artwork will be sent to the museum through electronic means, and will not be transferred anywhere further. No shipping costs need to be accounted for.


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