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Curator wrote on June 15, 2018:
Wow. Sorry for the delay. I didnt know the site had any activity yet. I haven't officially started the big push yet, but will after this weekend with the new update. I only checked for art submissions until now. The site got migrated from another server to here. All I really lost from the old server were old guestbook entries, and that was a decision, not an accident. Everything is the same for you though, maybe different links, but I doubt anyone had this site bookmarked though. Thanks for your interest in the museum, and be ready for the most polished update the museum has gotten yet. It'll look the same, but more "full looking". Everything that you can't see will be redone and a lot cleaner. I shaved down the file size by half, excluding the art.
Marc wrote on May 21, 2018:
Where did it move?
Curator wrote on March 28, 2018:
Site got moved, previous entries didn't make it.
Feel free to start posting whatever. This will be "mostly" unmoderated.
Have at it.

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