Donate Art

The Museum of Digital needs your original non exclusive artwork.

It could be a drawing, a painting, a digital render, a photo, poetry, or anything else that could feel at home next to other artwork.¬†When I get enough to replace the public domain art, I’ll get to create more galleries to add onto the museum, and organize your art into themes.

Click here to read the fine print about your submission

First you pick which frame you want your art to go in. On the next page, you can upload your art, and fill out Artist’s name, Title, the url of your online gallery, and a blurb that you would like visitors reading.

This is the standard black frame. This is probably the frame you’re looking for. Its completely free. I just want your art.

Black Frame

Next, we have frames that you can choose that will make your art more noticeable and help the development of the museum. Credit card and PayPal Payment for custom frames are handled securely through PayPal, not on this website.

Orange FrameYellow FrameGreen Frame

Red FramePink FrameBlue Frame

Wild Frame 1Wild Frame 2Wild Frame 3

Inverted Frame


More wild frames will be created, as well as some crazy frames. While new frames are rolling out, your chosen frame can be traded within reason.




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