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The Museum of DigitalWelcome to 
The Museum of Digital

The museum experience, anywhere.

Free, No ads, No in-app purchases

Wander around the museum filled with YOUR art in unique galleries that are as much art as the frames on the walls, or walk through a solar system with realistic scale and true relative speed. Better planet textures and more galleries/interactions are in progress.

The Android app can be navigated with on-screen joysticks, dive into VR mode with a Cardboard-like headset and an external controller, or try “halfway VR” without any extra hardware.

The PC application lets you walk around the museum with mouse and WASD like a standard FPS. The PC build also has theoretical SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality Headset support, and should detect automagically, but I currently have no way of testing. Let me know if you try it.

Submit your drawings, paintings, doodles, poetry and 3d models here to display your art on these walls, along with info that will allow people to see more of your work.

Some art currently in the museum has been selected as placeholders from a “public domain” web search. This art will be removed as soon as there is real art to fill these frames. If you happen to find your public domain art, let me know and I’ll remove it, or give me info for the display card if you would rather it kept around as the museum grows.

And Welcome to The Museum of Digital

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